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My name is Jackie and I live in Sheffield, UK.
As a breeder of Persian cats since 1987, (hence PersianPower!) and having designed websites since 2002, I know the importance of finding the best homes for your pets & of getting your name out 'there' in the public domain.


I personally like to see a clean, fast loading site, with no spelling mistakes, correct grammar, pictures that aren't too big or too small, load quickly and that focus on the pet, because after all, that is what we are going on the site to look at!


I try to create a site that reflects you, your pets, your tastes and your personality (or should that be purrsonality??)


I will work with you throughout the entire creation, ensuring you get EXACTLY the site you have in mind. I occasionally create the graphics from scratch, and I also have a huge database of graphics & music files to chose from.


I take pride in my work, to ensure you have a web site to be proud of. 

I can provide a website as simple or as complicated, as large or as small as you wish.

Your site will be optimised for search engines, to try to attain the highest search engine placing possible.


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